Improve Efficiency and Reduce your Telecom Costs

When was the last time your company took a good look at your voice and data costs? Or perhaps you thought you were thorough, but maybe now you’re not quite so sure.

Technology and industry deregulation have caused cataclysmic shifts in the telecom industry.

Anvil can help you take advantage of these changes and guide you through your choices. It’s typical for our clients to reduce their costs by 40% or more. Even better, cost reduction does not mean you sacrifice quality.

Here are some options that Anvil can help you consider:

  • Is Voice over IP (VoIP) really right for my company? And will it even save money?
  • Can my company migrate from the current frame relay network to a Virtual Private Network (VPN) or Multi Protocol Label Switching (MPLS)?
  • Can I reduce my voice or data costs and maintain quality by looking at carriers other than At&t, Verizon, CenturyLink and the like?

Some questions are far simpler than these. But the general principal remains the same – reduce your costs without reducing quality. Those are the guidelines and that will be the result.

The initial consultation is free of charge. We will give you straight answers about your potential to save, because we only profit if you save.